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Bees, as social animals have been in earth with the human being since millions of years contributing with pollination to reproduce a huge number of species of plants and giving the man an important source of food.

However, it was only 6000 years ago when men stopped practicing harvest to introduce bee colonies in different kinds of bee hives and, that way, rationalise the production.

Experience of thousands of beekeepers not only went deeper in the knowledge on using the apiary, it also inspired ideal social organization, which, like a bee colony, looks for the common good without conflicts of interests. Organizations where individual effort from all their staff and an exact role division produce extraordinary treasures likes honey, wax, propolis, pollen, royal jelly and apitoxin.
Modern beekeeping is a productive activity that contributes to the protection of environment, it requires a moderate inversion, it has a high return rate and it allows family work.
Because of theses noble attributes, Parodi Foundation believes that beekeeping is the appropriate tool for the human development in rural areas.

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