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By the year 1970 the third generation in the Parodi Family saw the necessity of increasing the employment source, since the entry into business the fourth generation was imminent, it was there when they decided to establish a mechanised and highly productive sawmill in the Province of Misiones. That task fell upon Nelson J. Parodi, who at that moment was the director of the society.
It was the first modern and highly productive sawmill established in the province. Taking into account that, at that time, the pavement along Route Nº 12 only reached El Dorado, they decided to settle down the sawmill in Route 12 Km 1530, Montecarlo, Province of Misiones. Once the place was decided, the work to adapt the place in order to install the industry started.
The field did not have improvements or electricity so Nelson J. Parodi decided to pay for 16 km of 550 Cv three phase electric power to bring energy to the place. He started clearing the land, building storehouses and facilities. Because of the lack of means of transport for the employees to go to work, they decided to buy some hectares in Route 12 opposite the industry, divided them into plots and built houses for the employees to settle down. Those plots were given to the employees to pay in instalments according to their salary, which allowed to inhabit the place. During the following 40 years those houses turned the place into today´s Nelson J. Parodi Neighbourhood.

Over the time and with the cooperation of more than 80 families, everything that today let more than 360 people live in the neighbourhood, was achieved. The Parodi Neighbourhood has got the School number 75 where more than 80 children study and eat every day. It was built the Church “Sagrado Corazon” where “Caritas” operates. The Neighbourhood has also got drinking water, electric power, phone line and cable TV. Now, The Foundation is carrying out a new project in order to put an antenna that connect internet in the whole area.

Institutions and companies that assist and support Parodi Foundation: