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  • Letter fom the founder

    “What really matters is everlasting”
    During almost one hundred years the Parodi Family has been working jointly, in silence, passing on from generation to generation the basic and essential family precepts that join us, make us better and refine us as human beings.
    I have had the luck and blessing to be able to transmit the same ideas to my children and when they suggest creating the Parodi Foundation in order to make it official and join all the family volunteer work, I felt the huge satisfaction to know that at least some part of my work in this world was done.
    We have chosen the bee as image because it was with the human being from the beginning of times and because it has got many of the values and aims in which we believe.
    Its work and its social behaviour “without conflicts” is something unique that compels us to permanent reflection.
    Finally I´d like to thank my children and especially my wife, whose love, strength, company and unconditional support has been essential in the road travelled so far, and nothing could have been achieved without her support.
    I invite you all to be part of it and discover the huge happiness that fills our soul by helping the neighbour within the family with the blessing of God.

    Nelson J. Parodi

  • Our Mission

    Organize beekeeping projects in the world, as a tool for the rural development and take part in solidarity actions in the neighbourhood Nelson J. Parodi, Province of Misiones, Argentina.

  • Our Vision

    To be a means of action in order to generate the settle-down and development of rural families , promoting and coordinating beekeeping projects around the world, as a real source of income and a family lifestyle.

  • Our Values

    We believe in the quality of bees.
    We believe in family as a social union y shelter of the human being.
    We believe that the work dignify the human being.
    We believe that life must be the focus in every real progress.
    We believe in bees as guards of environment.

  • Our Aims

    To generate beekeeping production centres, in order to promote the development in rural areas. To encourage the settle-down of rural producer and their families who were sent off, through beekeeping as a real source of income and lifestyle, focusing in the African Continent.
    To support the sustainable development of the Neighbourhood Nelson J. Parodi in the Province of Misiones, Argentina, through concrete actions in education, training courses y financial support to the neighbourhood institutions (school, church, etc.)

  • Our History

    Since 1918 the Parodi family has been participating in uncountable solidarity actions, supporting local sportsmen, organizing sport tournaments, cooperating with the police force and the volunteer fire-fighting services.

    They have also donated building materials to build houses and facilities for multiple purposes in poor suburbs, sponsoring educational actions and beekeeping congresses among other things.

    These actions were the result of a constant exercise of company management during almost 100 years, frequently with adverse scenarios which forged in the Parodi Family a strong organizational and creative spirit in order to carry out solidarity projects.

    In 1994, The Divine Providence led us to the beekeeping world, a noble world, a lifestyle, an economic activity useful to the human being and the environment.

    Today, with an established business, we feel necessary and convenient to focus the solidarity actions of the family towards beekeeping and join all the resources and experience through a unique non-profit organization with a professional management.

Institutions and companies that assist and support Parodi Foundation: