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Proyect “Spiagge senza scalini 2016”
The initial project "Scaletto senza scalini", born in 2010 on the beach of Savona from where it took its name, became in the beginning of summer 2012 in the biggest project "Spiagge senza scalini

The Cooperative has organized, in the above mentioned places, structures and services that have guaranteed the effective accessibility and visitability of marine installations (following laws 118/71, 494/93, 104/92).

1. Accessibility and reception service (reception and card users)
2. Stairs and walkways carpets preparation service
3. Shower service for people with reduced mobility
4. Clothing service for people with reduced mobility
5. Hygienic facilities service for people with reduced mobility
6. Escort service to the sea with wheelchairs suitable for the sea for people with reduced mobility
7. Kiosk installation service
8. Web and telephone service

The Cooperative Staff has also provided the following services in all the beaches

9. Assistance service to the bathers and First Aid point
10. Sand cleaning service

Not less important has been the
1. Servicio de comunicación

At the end, on the Sta Caterina beach, it has been possible to set up:

12. Food and beverage distribution service

Accessibility and visitability services

The results on this beach have been the following; in the period from 01/07/2016 to 04/09/2016 we registered 2701 entries to the beach and to the sea from a total of 314 users (in 2014 they were 2252 and 204 respectively, we can compare those numbers with this year because the duration was the same).
These numbers have required a great commitment from all the operators as well as an increase in the human resources employed.

The daily average of disabled people was more than 40 people (in 2014 they were 34) with a record of 65 users attendance in a single day (in other occasions, 60 daily entries were exceeded).

All these data are recorded in the user cards and the presence card and they show that this activity in Lo Scaletto is an essential constant of the summer. Unfortunately this year we have not been able to provide the service for the same number of days as last year: the service days in 2015 were 77 and 66 in 2016. The donation process is always very complicated, that´s why the constant support of the Foundation is essential to the realization of the project.

The operators that does the escorting servince to the sea, rotate with the rescuers, make a great number of uprisings; that involves a great effort and commitment; to explain it well, on average any user makes a transfer from the chair to the locker room, a transfer to the beach, one to the sea and the other way round. The total uprisings are 2701 * 6 = 16206 and, taking into account that for each transfer two people are needed, it reaches a total of 32412 uprisings; this number divided into 12 operators
(there is one extra worker who is dedicated to manage the website, to carry out the institutional relations and the web-telephony service) makes a total of 2701, that is to say more than 40 daily rises for each operator. These numbers are in fact underestimated taking into account the days of rest and minor support, in hours worked subject, offered by workers hired with vouchers.

The origin of the users is variable: especially from Liguria and Piemonte, then Lombardia and Toscana which have been the largest regions of origin, and many families and groups of friends of foreigners residing in Italy.
Three deaf and mute German users have returned, as well as the Argentine girl with companions who had already come last year.
From abroad and thanks to the excursions organized by Costa Crociere people arrived from the cruises with their wheelchairs. The age of our guests ranges from a few months (a girl who needed physiotherapy in the water) and 90 years old (some elderly residence in the area brought their guests so they could bathe in the sea).

The escort service has been so successful that more than 200 people (including many disabled) have participated in both dinners (mid-summer and end-of-season).
Moreover, we have to emphasize the many letters of gratitude received and the articles written by Secolo XIX and La Stampa (newspapers) about our project in Savona and the service, that happened in the regional news.

Eventually, the "scaletto senza scalini" has been recognized as the best beach for disabled people according to a research done by the Region of Liguria and INAIL

Besides guaranteeing all accessibility and visitability services in the beach, the users have also appreciated the deckchairs for disabled: they are made of aluminium and a very resistant fabric and they are higher (58 cm) than the ordinary ones, they are also very comfortable and have allowed a safe transfer of the user from the chair to the deckchair and backwards and it is easier for operators to lift people.

It is necessary to explain the importance of the telephone and web service for disabled people. In the 2016season an expert computer operator has given indications to all the people, informing about the services available on the beach; they have also been told about local transport, the location and the characteristics of other beaches in the area, hotels and so many different questions

In addition, the web-telephony service has had a fundamental role in informing the people in charge of the beach in Savona about the arrival of disabled people (referring to the type of problem and the services requested), allowing this way, to adequately arrange the reception structures and the staff ; many cooperatives and associations have had in the web and telephone service a first, cordial and full contact with the cooperative.

The service has been proactive: in addition to answering calls and emails it has also sought and contacted associations, entities and institutions informing them about the free escorting service to the sea on the Scaletto beach in Savona, where the service is structured in a "complete" way. In the end it has been very important for the constant updating on the weather forecasts that were sent to the staff on every beach.

Bathe services.

The bathe services have been

• Assistance service (rescuers)
• Beach cleaning service

The lifeguard service has been made by professional lifeguards; at weekends due to the greater flow of people more rescuers were necessary in order to control people well. The assistant staff has been chosen carefully, valuing their experience and professionalism.

Lifeguards have been a point of reference on the beach: courtesy, availability and care are qualities that have helped to carry out this important work.

It is necessary to emphasize the availability and the preparation of the rescuers and other operators (this year, for the second time, they have also had a rescue card although it were not necessary for their role) specially for the reception and escorting to the sea of people with reduced mobility: they have made a lot of transfers from people in wheelchairs to special chairs to enter the sea, from chairs to deckchairs, from deckchairs to dressing rooms, and all these operations have been done in total safety.

The first aid point has been operated with professionalism offering assistance and calling, in some cases, 118 (medical emergency service).

The staff of the cooperative cleaned the beach daily. The posters have been renovated and written in 8 languages (French, English, Russian, Albanian, Rumanian, German, Spanish and Italian) and that was important to communicate to everyone the importance of having clean sand

The communication service has been also very important: brochures, press releases, articles in the main newspapers have shown the reality, the services and the mission of the Social Laltromare Cooperative. We also have to thank the main sponsors that have made all this possible.


This year the cooperative has successfully carried out its social aim too: job placement; in particular 40% of the hired people belong to the "people with disadvantages" group (according to law 381/91, art 4 of the Italian Constitution, Law 104/92), about 40% of the salaries have gone for this group of people; the work done in the "spiagge senza scalini 2016" project refers 80% to working partners.

A convention with the Province of Savona allowing the beginning of training cycles in companies called "Work-experiences" has been stipulated. Three of these have already been done during the activity months

Thanks to the help and support of the Parodi Foundation, it has been possible to guarantee in Savona a free service for accessibility and visitability, as well as offering, free of charge, the escorting service to the sea for people with reduced mobility.
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